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It has been one year since the launch of the Canadian Student-Athlete Association (it launched July 20, 2020), and what a year it has been.   

I won't re-live the past 365 days for you, as I'm sure we'd all like to put them in the rear view mirror, but if you want to get an idea of the many things that have happened relative to student-athletes and the Canadian Student-Athlete Association, then take a few minutes to explore this website and in particular the "issues" section.  It will give you a sense of where the Canadian Student-Athlete Association has put its efforts in the first year.

To say that there is a "new reality" in university/college athletics would be a huge understatement.   The question however as to what that new reality not yet clear.   

What is clear however, is the that the need for student-athletes to have an independent voice has never been more important.  Decisions continue to be made with little or no student-athlete input.  Important decisions.   Decisions which directly impact the lives, futures and careers of student-athletes.

So, in addition to issues which we have already identified, what are some possible emerging issues that the Canadian Student-Athlete Association will be keeping an eye on moving forward?

- Financing of University/College Athletics.   Is the existing model broken?  Will provincial governments continue to provide funding for university/college athletics?  Was what happened at Laurentian "the tip of the iceberg" relative to university/college athletics?

What are other potential models that could revitalize university/college athletics?

- USports foray into ESports.  What are the implications for existing athletic programs and student-athletes?   

- "NIL" (name, image, likeness) endorsement opportunities for student-athletes.  What are the opportunities?

These are just three "top of mind" emerging issues.  I am sure more will emerge, and when they do the Canadian Student-Athlete Association will be at the forefront of ensuring that student-athletes interests are front and centre.  Stay tuned.

Thanks to all those who have shown their support through the Canadian Student-Athlete Association's first year!




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